Record, backup and search every radio show

All your radio show recordings in a searchable archive

Intelligently recorded live

Install an on-premises recording agent or get a live stream agent set up in seconds. Add titles and annotations to your show as it comes in live for added searchability later on.

Securely stored in the cloud

Recordings are safely stored in the cloud with infinite capacity and automatically backed up. Flexible user permissions allow secure access only to certain shows.

On-premises or live stream capture

On-premises recording

Runs on a Windows PC. Captures PCM audio input. Automatic network failsafe and buffering.

Live stream recording

Managed service. Captures HTTP Live Stream (HLS), HTSP and IceCast streams. Supports reading metadata.

Podcast your show every day without lifting a finger

On-air broadcasts

Your show is recorded from your studio or live stream.

Automatic podcasting

Intelligently stitches segments together, adds chapters & ad markers.

Show podcast

Immediately publishable and monetized with dynamic ad insertion

Smart recordings that let the production teams focus on producing

Searchable machine transcription

Generate a transcription of your on-air recordings and search through your audio archive for specific moments or keywords. Pull specific grabs, segments or re-purpose an interview into a written article with ease.

Automatic breaks and tagging

Recordings are intelligently separated into multiple breaks using silence detection or metadata triggers. Labels and categories can be automatically added from metadata in compatible live streams.

Recording schedules

Record multiple shows from a single studio or live stream with configurable weekly schedule by day and time.

Annotate recordings

No more sifting through hours of audio to find the moment you’re searching for. Drop markers and add notes as your show goes to air to make it easy to search and share them later.

Automatic production memos

Collate all the notes and titles from your day’s show and copy to a document to share with the team.

From on-air to online in seconds

Take your on-demand audio to the next level